About Alice

Stories are powerful – they allow us to draw the meaning we need for our own healing.

Alice Bianchi - Clark

Finding Wonderland

Alice currently lives in between London and Singapore. While not in London, tending to the needs of her thirteen-year-old son, avid reader, musical theatre actor and storyteller in the making, Alice lives in Singapore with her husband. Their lives are blessed with two mischievous terrapins, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, three graceful parrot goldfish, Saffron, Cinnamon and Cayenne, and the swallowtail butterflies they breed on their lime shrubs.

When her nose is not buried in a book, she enjoys tending her balcony of flowers. Her prized lotus vies with her gingers and gardenias, celosias and azaleas, orchids and camellias. She claims her pets and flowers thrive best on piano notes and song.


Alice grew up in a repurposed library, surrounded by floor to ceiling shelves of books. Reading is her rabbit hole down to wonderland.

As a child, she loved Brothers Grimm, Homer and Shakespeare – children’s editions vividly illustrated by Beverlie Manson, Libico Maraja and Victor G. Ambrus respectively. Little Women, A Little Princess and Alice in Wonderland are the books she identified with as a young girl. Growing up, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations captured her heart. She seldom leaves the house without a book in her handbag.


Alice started writing as a little girl. Her stories were published in her school’s yearbook and later, in the university newspaper. Since then, her stories have been published in magazines, reviews and anthologies.

Writing is her way of making sense of the world.

'Read for joy – no other reason can be as compelling.'

Alice Bianchi-Clark

Performance Storytelling

In each family, there is a storyteller. Alice’s grandmother was hers; she told Alice stories about her family, her beloved Italy and the war.

As a toddler, her son clamoured for stories, and a serendipitous friendship with storyteller Roger Jenkins, inspired her to develop and hone her craft. Alice has been performing stories ever since.

'Read for joy – no other reason can be as compelling.'

Alice Bianchi-Clark


What children need most is inspiration and a pinch of self-belief. Alice draws hers from her growing library of picture books and children’s literature. She takes pride in her collection of illustrated classics.

Through her storytelling, book-themed clubs, book-themed parties, book-themed travel tours and tutoring work, Alice uses stories to engage with children. Her holistic approach is playful and child centric. She encourages children to find books to identify with because those are the stories that will help them grow.